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April 28, 2012
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Hong Kong x Reader - Request by Love4Hetalia


Your nervous sobs wracked through the corridor, but no one was there to hear it except the three people in front of you. Your battered and bruised body lay on the cold tiled floor and blood was dripping from the cut on your cheek.

You had never felt so heartbroken, so powerless. Your heart clenched as they stepped on your sketchbook with cruel smirks on their faces as they watched you hopelessly observe the scene in front of you.

Your precious sketchbook was being torn apart, violated and stepped on in front of you. You couldn't watch any more of this. You hid your face in your hands while they mercilessly teared up all your hard work. Your tears fell as you continued crying silently. One of the girls stopped and strutted over to you. She harshly pried your hands from your face and gave you a tight slap, leaving a searing red mark on the side of your face. It stung. You wanted to run. You wanted to hide.

They finally stopped their abuse on your sketchbook, instead turning their attention to you. They continued their beatings and sneered at you. The pain was unbearable. It hurt so much.

They paused for a moment, smiling maliciously at you.

"We will continue this later, _____. We've got something more important to do than kick you up. See you tomorrow, nerd." The leader said, strutting away with her friends trailing behind her.

You sat there, grateful that they left, but you couldn't move. Any kind of movement made your body ache and pain. You stopped crying and stared at your destroyed sketchbook. All the drawings that you had, all the hard work you put in, it was gone.

You stayed there for who knows how long, before you heard gentle footsteps in the corridor. They were coming in your direction. You hoped it wouldn't be a jock, fearing that you would be beat up worse.

You shut your eyes tightly, waiting for that person to pass. When the footsteps reached you, they stopped. You opened your eyes, afraid you would see someone that didn't like you. Instead, you saw one of your classmates, Kaoru Wang. His stoic and emotionless expression was still on his face, but his eyes held a slight hinge of worry in them.

"What happened?" He asked softly.

You didn't say anything but rather, pointed to the torn sketchbook on the floor and the amount of painful bruises on your body. He seemed to understand and came closer to you. He looked at you for a moment, gazing sadly at your injuries.

"I'm... fine.." You mumbled.

"No, you're not." He replied almost instantly. The amount of worry in his voice heightened. You looked at him, surprised by what he said. He usually never showed any emotion in any action he did, whether it be speaking or moving.

"Can you stand?" He asked.

You shook your head in response. The slap that girl gave you still stung a little. Your arms and legs refused to move, and when you tried to shift them, you were met with immense pain. Your face still had a pink tinge to it and your eyes were red and puffy from crying.

Kaoru crouched down and placed once arm under your knees, and another below your back. He picked you up with great ease. You flushed slightly at this gesture.

He carried you all the way to the nurse's office, and knocked on the door. The nurse opened the door and was surprised to see him carry you. Nevertheless, she treated your wounds. You weren't able to stand properly still, but it hurt less. You thanked the nurse and Kaoru. The only thing you were unsure of was how you were going to get back home. You couldn't walk, nor stand even. How were you going to go home?

Your house was relatively near the school for your convienience, since you hated taking public transport. It was within walking distance and you didn't even think you were able to crawl back there in your condition.

"Hey _____. Where do you stay?" Kaoru's voice snapped you out of your thoughts.

"Ah.. I stay at [insert adress here]." You said.

"Hm. Okay." Kaoru mumbled, before picking you up once more.

He carried you all the way to your house. Your face was flushed during the whole journey.

He knocked on the door and your mother opened it. She nearly dropped her frying pan in shock seeing that you had gotten so many bruises, and that Kaoru was carrying you.

"Oh my dear, what happened to you? And who is this?" She asked, worry laced in her words.

"Um.. just some.. troubles. This is Kaoru." You said sheepishly.

"Well nevermind, come in!" She shifted and made way for Kaoru to carry you into the house.

"Put her on the couch, I'll go get some medicine." Your mother quickly rushed into the kitchen to get medicine for your wounds.

Kaoru gently set you down on the couch and lifted up your head gently and sat down. He placed your head on his lap. Your face reddened. You looked up and saw his face. It was expressionless as usual. You had never seen him smile before, not even once. He stayed emotionless, for all his days in school whenever you saw him.

Your mother quickly came back with a stash of medicine in her arms. She applied it onto you, not even noticing that your head was resting on Kaoru's lap.

"There, all done! Now I have to rush, my boss is calling me. By the way, dad isn't coming home until next week and I'll be back tomorrow. Kaoru is it? Can you take care of her? And let the teacher know she won't go to school tomorrow. I've really got to hurry so good bye and take care!" Your mother said that rapidly and you almost couldn't catch it all. She dashed out of the house before you knew what was actually happening, shutting the door quickly.

And then you realised.

You were alone with Kaoru.

You were too tired to care though. It seemed like he was in deep thought, or just staring at the wall.

You fell asleep in his lap, smiling slightly.


When you woke up, you noticed that your head was still on Kaoru's lap. Your face turned bright red, but you saw that he was sleeping as well, a peaceful expression on his face.

You moved your arms, trying to see if they hurt anymore. They ached a little, but they had regained flexibility, and so had your legs. You glanced at the clock on the wall and it said 3 A.M. You wondered how you slept for so long.

Then you realised. Kaoru needed to go home. There was school tomorrow for him and you didn't know if he had finished his homework already. You sat up quickly, feeling a slight pain in your legs.

Kaoru seemed to shift a little and you heard him yawn sleepily. He looked at you, with the same emotionless eyes.

"Are you better?" He asked quietly.

"Yeah.. It doesn't hurt that much anymore..." You said softly.

"Why did you..." He trailed off.

"They cornered me out of the blue and started hitting me. They tore my sketchbook." You muttered.

Kaoru made a slight sound of agreement.

"Hey.. Why did you help me?" You asked, curiously.

Kaoru didn't respond. Instead, he pulled you towards him. He wrapped his arms around you and nuzzled his cheek on your forehead. You instantly blushed and wondered why he did that.


He stayed like that silently and you realised that he was already sleeping. You sighed and went back to sleep.

You didn't notice that he had a smile on his face, for the very first time.

This is a request from :iconlove4hetalia: ~ I hope you enjoy this :'D If there's any mistakes, please tell me! I wrote this on notepad ;A;

I don't own Hetalia ~

You (c) :iconsexyhongkong2plz:
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